Abridged Rules 

  1. The competition is contested within the three divisions and is calculated by adding the highest scores for 18 sequential holes, irrespective of the course, plus your handicap. 
  2. Your Eclectic handicap is calculated by taking your average handicap over the period, less 4, less 20% of the balance.
  3. Entry to the competition is automatic, there is no minimum qualification and every round played at a home monthly meeting counts.
  4. Make-up games don’t count towards the competition.
  5. In the event of a tie the player with the lower handicap will win.
  6. Annual prizes are awarded in each division.
  7. The annual Eclectic Trophy will be awarded to the overall winner, irrespective of his division. 

 *The abridged rules contained here are to be usedonly as a guideline. In the event of a dispute or rule clarification please refer to the official set of rules as set out in the official Nomads Golf Club Rules of Play.